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Financial Benchmarking Quiz

Financial Self Assessment

Can you and your company benefit from our detailed financial assessment? Find out by hitting the start button below to start the quiz. Once you are finished you will learn whether or not you and your company could benefit from our Financial Benchmarking Analysis and Report.


Financial Self-Assessment Quiz

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Are your margins below or above your competition?

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Are your assets producing as much profit as your competition?

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Do you know if you are managing your debt effectively?

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Are you allocating enough or too much for marketing, labor or other cost?

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Do you generate monthly budget variance reports?

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Do you know if you pay your accounts payable sooner or later than your competition?

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Do you know if you are investing enough (or too little) in working capital accounts compared to your competition?

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Do you calculate a measure of how effectively you're using your assets?

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Do you have a good idea of your company's value today?

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Has your company established an optimal ratio for working capital to maximize profit?

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Do you know what your cash flow is from month to month? Year to date?

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I examine the financial performance of my company with my senior executives at least quarterly.

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My company's financial ratios are in line with our industry peers.

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I have identified key financial metrics that are critical to my company success.

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I know which key metrics are critical to my industry.

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I know how much and what kind of debt my company should have.

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Do you have a 5-year financial projection?

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